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The Counting
Well Drawn Dog Productions

Year of production: 2013

Running Time: 5:37


A short film by Amy Matthews dealing with Alzheimers

no dialogue



Voice Over samples

Video samples

The Belgian Nurse, Mother Benedict  (00:36)

Geospatial Revolution  (00:12)

7 Keys to e-mail control (00:48)

   Narration, Standard British

   Opener: Standard American

   BBC Radio Play, American

Interview: Mrs Kemble's Tempest

Running Time: 2:47


Interview and excerpts from the one person show

film compiled by Tony Ziegler.

Eternity in the Half Light (01.26)

   Audiobook , Fiction, British accents

Crockpot Cookbook introduction (1.07)

   Audiobook Introduction, Standard American

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